Monday, March 8, 2010

Boston's ATKM to Perform in London's 'See You Next Tuesday' Festival

Boston-based, award winning, all female cabaret troupe All The Kings Men are bringing their show to London on March 11th and 12th at the New Players Theatre as part of the ‘See You Next Tuesday’ festival (marking International Woman’s Day 2010). ATKM will present a heady cocktail of more than 30 hilarious comedy characters, tongue-in-cheek burlesque, spot-on dance, biting satire, and poptastic performances in a modern Vaudevillian spectacle. This will be the only American entry selected for the festival.

Described as "two parts Tracey Ullman, a pinch of Carol Burnett, a hint of Streisand and a whole lotta woman AND man," ATKM's latest strikes at the heart of gender issues creating a performance as poignant as it is audacious.

Performer Leighsa Burgin says, “We've been dying to bring our act to London for years and we're thrilled we now finally get to do it! We’re blowing apart preconceived notions of gender in a show full of parallels, high energy, poignancy and humour. Fully packed with a crazy and sexy cast, each character does what they can to speak their truths; loud, unabashed and with passion. We've got a little bit for everyone in this line up; from witnessing boys discovering their attraction to each other for the first time to an isolated princess harnessing power over her reality, you'll see how we do it and so much more! We do things with popular music that will have you thinking about it in a completely different way. We don't think London has ever seen anything like this show.”

Fellow performer Jill Gibson promises, “a truly unique theatrical experience.”

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