Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Gets A Big Gay Ice Cream Song

By Byrne Harrison

No, this isn't a theatre-related post. But if you live in New York City and don't know about the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, you are missing out.

Doug Quint, who along with his partner Bryan Petroff created the BGICT, is a buddy of mine from my rugby-playing days, and I'm thrilled at the following good news.

BIG GAY ICE CREAM SONG sees digital release on August 22, 2010

Music and ice cream trucks go hand-in-hand. When New York City’s Big Gay Ice Cream Truck needed theme music, they skipped over the obvious choices- no show tunes or disco for them. Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go’s) stepped in and authored this gem. Her recording is three minutes of pop pleasure… sort of like ice cream for your ears.

While in design college in the mid 1970s, Jane Wiedlin stumbled upon the burgeoning Los Angeles punk rock scene. She and Belinda Carlisle were inspired to form The Go-Go’s. The band quickly became local favorites and were signed by the indie label IRS Records. With most of their songs written or co-written by Jane (including the classic Our Lips are Sealed) The Go-Go’s went on to enormous success, selling out Madison Square Garden, the Hollywood Bowl, and appearing twice on the cover of Rolling Stone. In addition to her work as a Go-Go, Jane has released solo albums of her own, which have included the hits Rush Hour, Blue Kiss, and Tangled (a song featured in the movie Pretty Woman). Rolling Stone called her most recent solo album Kissproof World a “solo tour-de-force by an entrepreneur, an actress, and a rock goddess.”

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck began rolling the streets of New York City in June 2009. Described by The Village Voice as “a cross between Mister Softee and Mario Batali” their menu combines traditional soft-serve ice cream with imaginative toppings such as wasabi pea dust, Nilla Wafers, Dulce de Leche, olive oil and sea salt, and other rotating offerings. These are dispensed the way ice cream should be — with humor and good cheer.

Availability: August 22, 2010 via iTunes and most other digital download services

Producer: Travis Kasperbauer

Label: Painful Discs

Publisher: Wiedwacker Music/ASCAP

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