Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interview with Molly "Equality" Dykeman

By Byrne Harrison
First Molly Photo by Anya Garrett
Final Molly Photo by Jeep Wheat

Molly "Equality" Dykeman is a comic, poet and mullet enthusiast who likes chicken fingers, people who aren't douchebags, and all types of ladies. She's also the creation of Andrea Alton, a New York-based actor, comedian, and award-winning playwright.

I recently had a chance to talk to Molly as she was preparing for her performance in the SoloNOVA Festival's Ones at Eleven comedy showcase on Friday the 27th.

In Terrance McNally's Master Class, Maria Callas tells one of the students, "You must have 'a look'." You definitely have 'a look.' How would you describe your sartorial style?

I had to look up the word “sartorial” and I still don’t know what it means. However, my look is functional, comfortable, sexy, stain resistant and safe.

I have to say, nobody wears a reflective vest like you. You rock that look.

Thank you Byrne. I do appreciate it. All I can say is that some people are born to wear couture while others are meant to wear tube tops and daisy dukes. I was born to wear reflective vests and neon shin guards on special occasions.

So let's get down to business, I understand you're performing as part of a comedy showcase at the SoloNOVA festival. How did that come about?

I heard they were having a comedy night, so I submitted some of my poems and jokes 'cause I’m always looking for new ways to meet ladies. When that didn’t work, I started stalking the people in charge. I guess my mullet and I grew on them because Jennifer Conley Darling and James Carter asked me to be a part of the festival.

How would you describe your comedy style?

I’m sort of like a funny lopsided train wreck that doesn’t give a shit. In a perfect world I wish I could be a mixture of some of my favorite comics such as Whoopi Goldberg, Dave Chappelle, David Letterman and Roseanne Barr, but I’m not. At the end of the day, I’m just me.

So you're a poet, too?

Yeah I am. I’m pretty good at it to. Someday I’m gonna eat nachos and write poetry with Maya Angelou.

Can I hear a sample?

Well I spent the day writing and thus far I’ve written poems about bed bugs, this lady I met at Gingers Bar and I also wrote a poem about nachos. I love nachos. As for specific lines, please come to the SoloNOVA Comedy Night on Friday the 27th.

What separates you from the wannabe Sapphos out there?

Probably my mullet and hygiene. After that, my subject matter. Most Sapphos won’t take the time to write about chicken fingers and their lazy eye but I will.

On to the lightning round.

Favorite drink?
Sunny Delight in the morning - Strawberry milkshakes in the afternoon – PBR in the evening.

Favorite actress?
Halle Berry

Mullets on men - yes or no?
No. Men don’t know how to wear mullets.

Best lesbian ever?
Ellen DeGeneres

Worst lesbian ever?
Anne Heche

You can catch Molly (and maybe even see Andrea) at SoloNOVA's Ones at Eleven on Friday, May 27th.

May 27 at 11pm
at 9th Space
(located at Performance Space 122, 150 First Ave. at E. 9th Street)

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