Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene Can't Beat At Hand's The Big "A"

It looked like The Big "A" had been bested by Hurricane Irene when the Fringe Festival's final weekend was cancelled, but Dan Horrigan won't be stopped that easily.  The Big "A" is getting one more performance on September 1st as part of the FringeNYC Make-Up Series.



Written by Dan Horrigan
Directed by Matthew DiCarlo

The Laurie Beechman Theatre

407 West 42 Street

Armed with only his wit, Dan Horrigan does battle with evil bosses, giant hairy nipples, sassy nurses, and living with HIV... all while searching for the perfect set of kitchenware. Come and find out if laughter really is the best (anti-retroviral) medicine!

From NY Daily News: "People have told me I'm funny," he says. "But what if I could make people laugh and challenge them by talking about something that's difficult. Being positive is a very different situation than in the '80s. But there's still shame and stigma. The story is about a person who is growing up and confronting things."

"Run, don't walk to see The Big "A"... Dan shares his story with passion, razor sharp comedic timing and gentleness." -

"Dan knows how to hold your attention for 70 minutes with his amazing mixture of humor and heart!" -

Tickets $15 plus food and drink!

Writer / Performer: Dan Horrigan
Director: Matthew DiCarlo
Stage Manager: Shelley Miles
Lighting Design: Josh Bradford
Producer: Justin Scribner
Associate Producer: Nick Catania
Company Manager: Laura Wright

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