Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Hairy Tails & Rhymes" - It's not Grimm, you silly Goose

It takes a warped mind to turn innocent, beloved fairy tales into raunchy, gender-bending dance numbers.  Thank goodness choreographer John Paolillo has a warped mind.  His latest creation, Hairy Tails & Rhymes, takes the characters you know from childhood - Humpty Dumpty, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack & Jill, and Little Miss Muffet, to name a few - strips them bare, and shows you there was a lot more going on in those stories than you thought.

Featuring some hot dancers (I dare you to sit still during the "Three Men in a Tub" scene!), vibrant choreography, marvelous strip tease, and the dirtiest nursery rhymes you've ever heard, Hairy Tales is on this month's must-see list.

Hairy Tales is performed Tuesdays at 8 PM in July (remaining performances July 24th and 31st) at XL Cabaret, 512 W. 42nd Street.

Hairy Tails & Rhymes
Creator/Director/Choreographer - John Paolillo
Cast: Audry Hamilton, Brandon Mason, Pixie, David Thomas Guggino, Jubilee Diamond, Luxury Cartax, Marisa Jo Merless, David Gifford, and Holly Dae

With special guest Molly "Equality" Dykeman

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