Sunday, October 21, 2012

TOSOS's Chesley/Chambers Reading - "Wilson and Wilson"

The Dish: If you are interested in LGBT theatre, new voices and old, and want to mix and mingle with the writers, actors, and directors that are bringing these shows to the NY stage, you should be attending the Robert Chesley/Jane Chambers Playwrights Project reading series.

Synopsis: "Wilson and Wilson" comprised a reading of Lanford Wilson's "Say de Kooning" and Doric Wilson's "The Boy Next Door," a work that was in progress when he passed away last year.  "Say de Kooning" features a drama filled afternoon with three unlikely housemates as they pack up their summer rental.  "The Boy Next Door" tells the story of a fading porn star who sees a chance for a new career when a playwright sends him his latest work, a story based on the porn star's life.  But things never quite work out they way one expects.

In Depth: On October 20th, TOSOS (The Other Side of Silence) held it's latest Robert Chesley/Jane Chambers Playwrights Project reading, curated by Kathleen Warnock.  I've been to several of these readings and am always struck by the outstanding quality, not only of the plays being highlighted, but of the talented pool of actors and directors that bring these plays to life.  The latest reading featured work by two members of the Caffe Cino crowd, Lanford Wilson and Doric Wilson (Doric is the founder of the original TOSOS company, and along with Mark Finley and Barry Childs, the latest incarnation of TOSOS.  He passed away suddenly last year, while still working on "The Boy Next Door.").

These readings offer playwrights an opportunity to have their work read in front of an invited audience.  They are not staged, and are not followed by Q&A or other discussion.  However, attendees at the reading are invited to an informal reception after the show to meet with the actors, directors and playwrights (when they are in attendence).  It's an excellent opportunity to imerse yourself in the world of LGBT theatre.

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