Friday, January 25, 2013

David Drake Returns in "Tawny, Tell Me True"

The Dish: The multifaceted David Drake brings his frothy creation, Tawny Heatherton, back to NYC in this delightful, and often touching show.  Where else will you hear the Sesame Street and Carpenters hit "Sing" in the same show as The Talking Head's "Burning Down the House"?  Nowhere.  Another great show for Drake.

Synopsis: One-hit wonder Tawny Heatherton is back in a cabaret show that features song, dance, alien abductions, cheesy European music videos, confessions, a talking chicken, and a lot of heart.

In Depth: How can you not love Tawny Heatherton?  She's Joey Heatherton's niece.  She's been abducted by aliens--more than once.  She is huge in Europe, where her hit "Run, Crazy Man!" was a chart topper.  She was a Hee Haw Honey (you have to be a little older to catch that reference).  But most of all, she's a survivor who somehow floats through life's difficulties with her sweetness and smile intact, probably thanks to the AFO's (Angels Flying Overhead).

In other hands, Tawny could just be another scatterbrained blonde.  But David Drake infuses her with such dignity and noble spirit that she's a ditzy delight.  You want to laugh with Tawny, not at her, and it's hard not to love her a little by the end of the show.

"Tawny, Tell Me True" features not only Drake's outstanding acting skills (not to mention arms that would make Michelle Obama green with envy), but an excellent performance by music director Lance Cruce and crackerjack directing by Robert La Fosse.

This is a short run--the final performance is Saturday, January 26th.  The performance I attended had a packed house, so get tickets while you can.

"Tawny, Tell Me True"
Written and performed by David Drake
Directed by Robert La Fosse
Music Director: Lance Cruce

Final performance Saturday, January 26th at 7:30 PM at the Laurie Beechman Theatre (downstairs at the West Bank Cafe, 407 West 42nd Street). For more info call: 212-695-6909.

Tickets are available at

In case you can't make it to the show, here is Tawny's hit video for "Run, Crazy Man!" in all its cheesy '80s glory.

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